The SuperManager - eCommerce Order Processor The SuperManager - eCommerce Order Processor

The SuperManager is an ecommerce order processor / order manager that features seamless integration with Amazon Seller Central

The SuperManager

Use The SuperManager to:

  • Download orders from Amazon
  • Automatically verify addresses against USPS databases
  • Automatically send dropship requests to suppliers
  • Check orders against inventory and highlight backordered
  • Highlight orders that fail your fraud screening criteria
  • Print customizable receipts, packing slips, pick lists and other reports
  • Print shipping labels for USPS, UPS or FedEx
  • Upload tracking numbers back to Amazon
  • Export orders or merchant batches to QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS
  • Send emails in batch to customers using customizable templates
  • Export order information for data mining or integration with other software
  • Create and process offline orders along with online orders
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Interacting with your Amazon Order Customers

Amazon Seller Central merchants are well aware of Amazon’s rules of engagement for interacting with their customers. Amazon restricts interaction with end customers to prevent Seller Central merchants from breaking privacy agreements and/or bypassing Amazon in future sales. This means Seller Central merchants cannot attempt to divert transactions or buyers, …